“My belief in God and knowing that he has given me a gift to share with the world has helped to overcome that doubt. I have no fear.” – Precise

Testimonials on Precise’s record – “It’s On Me”

 “Armed with an arresting instrumental and a strong message about community responsibility, Precise earned a decisive track-off victory in the rap leg of the competition. “Its On Me”, avoids being preachy, while offering street intel and advice through clever analogies and a crafty call and response approach. Precise flows in perfect cadence over an instrumental that sounds like it traveled here from the 90’s and you’ll be glad you made the trip.” Kyra Kyles JET MAGAZINE



  • Cadillac music that has a nice flow! – DJ Starr Child
  • It’s a really dope record and I am ready to make something happen on my end! – DJ D Doxx (President of Lord Gang’s DJs)
  • Hot Hip-Hop ish! – Didier “DJ Emiliot” Emile-Perrot – Core DJ’s Africa/Slip-N-Slide DJs
  • Precise’s “It’s On Me” is definitely a hit! – DJ Fly-Bee
  • Precise single is very playful! – Hip-Hop DJ KD (Atlanta)



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